Guess who’s back?

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Yup, the world’s most dangerous Paladin with a mic is back & ready to take on the WoW Podcast world again. Last week we had Episode 63 in the bag, but DNS issues played havok with getting it posted & the site live. Episode 63 will be going up within the next 24 hours. The show will go out every second week for the forseeable future while the game is in ‘Go-play-Diablo3-or-Hearthstone-mode‘ (which it is). To take part in the show, feel free to email questions to the show for answering; show[at]apaladinstale[dot]com, or twitter @APaladinsTale.

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APT063: How to Fix PVP & Other Stuff

apt063 how to fix pvp & other stuff

For the hiatus return show, APT063 sees Ian share his thoughts on PVP & what could be done to¬† fix it using tools Blizzard have, content patch cycles & the lessons seemingly still not learned by Blizzard, & why after being an advocate of wPVP for so long, he’s now contemplating playing on a PVE realm instead.

R.E.D. - Red Equals Dead Podcast Networkthis podcast is b...

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APT Podcast goes on hiatus

The show is going on hiatus for a few weeks. While I’ve thought I’d never have to put this show out of the many I’ve done/do still on hiatus, it’s come to the point where this show needs a time-out.

Frankly, there’s a number of reasons for this:

  1. My play time in the last few...
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MMBT: Mandatory Gameplay is Mandatory


For today’s MMBT I’d like to discuss the recent revelation by Blizzard that players will want to check in with their garrison once per play session, maybe when they log in or out, & how forcing mandatory play with what many see as an optional component may cause some issues.

There’s nothi...

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