For this morning’s MMBT, I’d like to look at why ‘epic’ no longer means epic, & what the WoW Dev team could do to resolve the issue to bring back some meaning to gear.

There was a time in World of Warcraft where when you saw someone with one singular piece of epic gear you were impressed. When someone wore multiple epic purple items, you were even more impressed & you aspired to work harder, & hoped one day for those elusive purple pixels. Fast forward to today.

We are drowning in purple pixels. They mean nothing. Even with differentiating green text like ‘heroic’  or ‘elite’ they mean not a damned thing. And no, this isn’t an elitist call for purples-only for those at heroic raid level, or elite PVP level. This is asking for a reasoned & reasonable discussion on making epic gear ‘feel’ epic again.

Epic: heroic; majestic; impressively great, very impressive





There was a time where I’d reasoned that gear in LFR should all be rare (blue for those who play the grey/white/green/blue/purple/orange game). I didn’t suggest it as a means of ‘putting LFR players in their place’. Quite the opposite actually. As an LFR player, there should be an incentive apart from ‘player power’ for me to move to normal modes & beyond. Changing the item level, & the text on it isn’t an incentive. If anything, it’s saying “hey, it’s okay to not push on.”

And no, that’s not an argument of ‘LFR is an acceptance of mediocrity’. I completely get LFR is enough for some players, & perhaps flex-raiding will push them on a bit further. But I do believe that a game that centers around the idea of making your character the strongest it possibly can be is a game that inherently says ‘you are always on an upward curve for your gear’, & I do think the gear levels have gotten lost in there, along with their meaning.

Do I believe epics should be more rare? You’re damn right I do. Do I believe epics should be craft-able? Nope. Do I believe normal mode raiding should reward greens & blues with the same item level as epics, & be more common than epics in the loot table drops? Most definitely. I don’t however believe that the higher rewards should be impossible, nor do I believe they should be reachable on the bottom shelf of the game either.

When you set the bar low, it’s always easy to reach it, become bored, staid & indifferent to it. When you raise it a bit, & add some ‘hope’ into the mix, you will always set a player on a more fulfilling, enjoyable path.